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  • +How easy is your tape to tear?

    Our tape tears easily by hand horizontally on the first try. It also tears well into vertical strips, in case you need a thinner and more delicate approach to the taping experience.

  • +How strong is the adhesiveness of your product?

    Our adhesive is applied via a process commonly referred to as the calendar method. This ensures a strong, even adhesion that still gets the job done when wet or sweaty. Our adhesive is stamped on uniformly and designed to create a smooth unwind while not compromising on performance.


  • +Is your tape a porous or non-porous tape?

    Our tape is non-porous, but made of woven 100% bleached cotton that ensure breath-ability.

  • +How durable is your tape?

    Howies tape boasts the highest thread count in the industry. With a superior tensile strength and custom adhesion properties, Howies gets the job done from the peewees to the big leagues, from the grid iron to the rink and everything else in between.

  • +What kind of material is the backing of your tape made out of?

    Our tape backing is made with 100% bleached cotton to ensure optimum comfort and performance.

  • +Where and how should I store your tape?

    It’s best to store the tape in a cool, dry place. Make sure to store the tape as packaged in the box (flat side down and in the provided trays) to ensure it stays in its proper shape and stays usable through the off-season.

    Improperly stored tape can result in misshapen rolls and ineffective performance.

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