Preparing For The Season

Summer “Vacation”

July 31, 2018

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50-60 hour weeks are only a prelude to the summer that seems like anything but a break for athletic trainers. Time that is meant to be spent visiting friends and family is replaced with preparing for the long season that lie head. The summer is however, a time that can allow athletic trainers to create plans of action that will prepare themselves and athletes for success during the upcoming year.

Proactive Not Reactive

A lot of ‘what ifs’ may be on the mind’s of athletic trainers as the season approaches, but many of those situations will not happen this season, next season, or ever. BUT WHAT IF? It is always better to be proactive and create a plan of action to deal with emergencies rather than to be reactive to a situation. This will be easier to accomplish during the summer as it can be difficult to formulate plans of action due to the demands of the season that limit an athletic trainers time.

Communication Plan

If you tell a player they might be out for 3-4 weeks, they will probably tell the coach that they’re good to go back into play right away. Establishing a line of communication from the athletic trainer, athlete, coach/administrative staff, and medical physicians can set an athlete up for greater success in the long run (even if they don’t agree when they are injured).

Enjoy The Summer Break That is Left

Although you may have imagined sitting poolside at a resort in the Caribbean, enjoy the summer you have left. Overworking can lead to a decrease in overall efficiency when the season starts.  In order to prepare the path for an athlete, the athletic trainer must be prepared to give 100% as soon as the season starts.


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