Athletic Training Memes to Get You Through the Week

It has happened, we are all back in season, we are all back taping, doing evaluations, MAKING ICE BAGS 🙄 and I think we could all use a mid-week laugh. With the help of our friend on Instagram @athletic_trainer_problems, we put together another list of some of the best Athletic Training Memes to help get you thorough this week! Check them out below and share with your other AT pals, cause we all know they could use a good laugh too! 



































Now, I'll be completely honest with you, I originally started doing these Meme blogs because there was nothing better than sitting at my desk and laughing at all of these. But, I eventually realized there is a whole following base of Athletic Trainers who understand these without a doubt and who deserve a good laugh too. Cheers from Howies to you, and here's to hoping these help you get to the end of another week!